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Kirbytec is your one stop shop for all things Kirby in Perth. As a genuine Authorised Kirby Distributor you are guaranteed that all replacement bags and belts through to shampoo and specialist stain removers are of the highest quality.

Our dedicated team is committed to provide our customers with the highest level of service as one would expect when owning the worlds finest domestic cleaning system.

What Our Customers Have to Say:

'The Kirby is the best household appliance that we have come across in a long time' - A & N Carruthers

'Thank you John and thank you Mr Lunn!' - Elaine Bradley

'We had the privilege of having the Kirby Vacuum demonstrated...' - Holly Faisbo

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Kirby Carpet Shampoo 946ml

Revitalise your carpet!

Once your Kirby has removed the dirt from your carpet, a deep Kirby shampoo clean removes the soluble oils, grease and pollutants from everyday living.

The shampoo also assists with neutralising dust mite allergen and reduces allergens caused by pollens, dust and pet dander.

The special dry foam formula prevents over wetting of the carpet.

The unique anti-resoiling ingredients in this Kirby Shampoo, helps your carpets look clean for longer.
part id. 252702S
A$ 35.00 order

Pet Stain and Odor Carpet Cleaner

Contains Natural Enzymes that deep clean and remove soil and odor. 650ml
part id. 283297s
A$ 25.00 order

Food Stain Carpet Cleaner

Tough on Red Wines, Sauses, Chocolates, Ketchup and more - 650ml
part id. 282297s
A$ 30.00 order

Lickity Split

Dissolves tough stains. With Citrus Power.
part id. 248301s
A$ 21.00 order

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