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Kirby Repairs and Service

Servicing your Kirby

We do offer certified, quality service for your Kirby systems.

Our service centre is the largest of its kind in Perth and specialises in keeping your Kirby running smoothly as well as supplying you with any consumables you may need from time to time.

Our customer service commitment is second to none and our team is dedicated to looking after and providing excellent service for our customers and their machines.

We recommend servicing your machine regularly, exactly as you would your motorcar, because it is well known that prevention is better than cure?.

We can still supply parts for every model sold in Perth and beyond.

Quick usage guide

Changing the belt on the Kirby Sentria vacuum

Attaching the Kirby Sentria Carpet Shampoo System

Adjusting the Kirby Sentria brush roll

Using the Kirby Sentria vacuum belt lifter

Attaching the Kirby Sentria vacuum hose

NEWS List:

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Kirby Power cord 240V for Sentria

Original KIRBY power cord for Australia. Fits Sentria and Sentria F style
part id. 954006
A$ 95.00 order

2x Kirby HEPA Filtration Universal Style Bags

One pack contains 2 original KIRBY bags.

Do not fall for cheaper grey market bags! They pose health hazard, can cause allergies and asthma! It will also cost you a fortune in repairs later!

Our bags are genuine KIRBY (made by KIRBY with the KIRBY logo on them) micro-magic HEPA 11 bags that are much better quality and do many times better filtration than any grey market product!
part id. 205811
part id. 204803G
A$ 25.00 order

1x Kirby Brush Belt

Original KIRBY belt. Fits all KIRBY systems - Sentria, Ultimate G, G7, G6, G5, G4, G3, Heritage and Legend. It also been used in the shampoo system.

Do not fall for a cheaper grey market belts! They often overheat and damage your machine. That will cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

We use only genuine KIRBY belts (Made by KIRBY with the KIRBY stamp on them).
part id. 301291A
A$ 6.00 order

Kirby Carpet Shampoo 946ml

Revitalise your carpet!

Once your Kirby has removed the dirt from your carpet, a deep Kirby shampoo clean removes the soluble oils, grease and pollutants from everyday living.

The shampoo also assists with neutralising dust mite allergen and reduces allergens caused by pollens, dust and pet dander.

The special dry foam formula prevents over wetting of the carpet.

The unique anti-resoiling ingredients in this Kirby Shampoo, helps your carpets look clean for longer.
part id. 252702S
A$ 25.00 order

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